Autographed Copies

Did you know you can get signed copies of Spilt Milk and Curious Reality from me? They’re the same price as on Amazon, but I will autograph and write whatever message you’d like. Shipping is only $1.

Here’s the link: Autographed Books

I have a lot of projects in the pipeline. I’m about to send the next book in the World of Spilt Milk series to my editor. The title is: The Plucker

I have a story in the upcoming Illustrated Robot Chronicles, estimated release, March 2016. It’s part of the amazing Chronicles series by Samuel Peralta. I was honored to be a part of the Immortality Chronicles. If you haven’t read it yet, please do. Part of the proceeds go to a reading charity.

dfw-dkc-2sm-cover-ebookdfw-dkc-1cr-cover-ebookImmortality Chronicles

I’m also writing stories for three other anthologies that I can’t name yet (it’s a secret).

Finally, I’ve started a Science Fiction novel.


I hope you’re all enjoying Fall. It’s my favorite time of year.


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