New Books!

I’m excited to announce the release of Book 1 of my new Dystopian Science Fiction trilogy!

It’s live and priced at 99¢ until early May. After that the price goes up.

Here’s the blurb for The Sleepless:

In 2111, no one in the Nation sleeps unless they earn it—the hard way.

Kate does the dirty jobs no one else wants to do, stuck in a dead-end job-to-job lifestyle that weighs down on her soul, all so she can fade away into a half-remembered dream of a better tomorrow that might never come.

But when her friend Decker reveals himself as one of the Sleepers—rebel citizens in hiding who can still sleep naturally—she finds herself faced with a choice. 

Stay in her seemingly hopeless yet safe world. 

Or help the Sleepers uncover the mystery behind the sleepless plague.

I hope you’re intrigued enough to buy it.

But wait there’s more! 🙂

I have another book that releases today. It’s a space opera novella written for Kindle Worlds, based on Nick Webb’s exciting series The Legacy Fleet Trilogy

Here’s the blurb for Galaxy Glider:

The Swarm is back and Jo Francis is determined to help defeat this relentless enemy. Kicked out of the flight academy, she is determined to find a way to become a fighter pilot. 

With a crew that never intended to be part of a war, Jo helps to fight an enemy that has a single-minded goal to destroy mankind.

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