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Autographed Copies

Did you know you can get signed copies of Spilt Milk and Curious Reality from me? They’re the same price as on Amazon, but I will autograph and write whatever message you’d like. Shipping is only $1. Here’s the link: Autographed Books I have a lot of projects in the pipeline. I’m about to send the […]

What Is Leisure?

Do we as a society work too hard? I know I do. Taking time to enjoy life by doing nothing is a difficult concept for me. For your reading pleasure, here’s an article about this subject. Before you read it, take off your shoes, get comfortable, and relax! What Is Leisure?

Preorder: The Immortality Chronicles

The Immortality Chronicles is now available for preorders. My story, Room 42, is included in this collection. As a gift for those of you who preorder, the price is reduced to $2.99. Once the anthology is live the price will go up to $5.99. What if you could live forever? Defy death itself? Even now, […]

Books Are Love

Even if you’re not a fan of Science Fiction, I think you’ll enjoy this interview of Ray Bradbury. He is one of my writing influences. I remember reading his stories and feeling transported. His mix of Science Fiction and Gothic Horror taught me to mix things up and not feel constrained by the definition of […]